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  • Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 19:27:28 -0700

> Hi there, I seem to be having a problem ever since we changed our internet
> account over. We used to be using a PPPoE connection through our router as
> to avoid problems with ISA trying to deal with a dynamic IP. However,
> since we changed this evening, my mail will not go outside the local
> network. Our ISP was enforcing port 25 filtering which was removed when we
> switched to a static circuit(before this, we were relaying mail through
> their SMTP server). Any outbound mail is now getting hung up in the SMTP
> connector. I pull up the connector which has status of retry and find
> messages. They all say queued with a 0 count on the failures, so this
> tells me that there is no connection to the receiving SMTP server, my logs
> show nothing useful. I can however, telnet into other SMTP servers outside
> our network, that tells me that our ISA server is not filtering out the
> SMTP connection. I seem to have run out of ideas at this time, probably
> forgetting the most basic of things at this point, maybe this is either
> telling me it's time to go to bed and deal with it tomorrow, or to just
> put another pot of coffee on. Any help would be appreciated. TIA - Marc

First, make a pot of coffee. Second, drink 3/4 of one cup. Third, go to

In the Exchange Manager, turn on all logging under ExchangeTransport to
Medium and that should give you more information. Do you have the SMTP
connector sending outgoing directly, or to a smart host?

John Tolmachoff
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