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Hi Simon,

how do I configure replication public and system folder ?
If we move users using the move mailbox wizard , how about user in the old
machine ? it will deleted or not ?


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If you want to migrate Exchange to another server, you will have to
remove Exchange, but do it AFTER you have moved everyone. 

Build the new machine as a member server of the existing domain. 
Install Exchange. It will join the existing org automatically. 
Configure replication of the public and system folders. 
Once they are replicated, move the users across using the move mailbox
Leave both servers running for a week or so until all the users have
used Outlook at least once so that they have redirected. 

Then remove Exchange following this article:

Trouble free, safe and can be done with zero downtime. 


Simon Butler
MCP, MCSA, MVP:Exchange
Senior Systems Administrator
Amset IT Solutions Ltd.

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Hello ;)

My opinion is to desinstall e2k3 on your DC and reinstall it on the new
machine, I think it will be the best and simple way to avoid problems.
Note that during this operation, no one could connect to their mailboxes
;-). So do it out of business.

If You had one machine for AD 2k3 AND one machine for your e2k3, and for
hardware failure you need to change your e2k3 to a new machine with the
same name, then there is a particular procedure you have to follow such
reset e2k3 old machine, and do a /disasterrecovery on the new e2k3

But in your case, e2k3 and AD is on the same machine, do do a simple
uninstall of you exchange.



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