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  • Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 15:51:30 -0500

spammers are getting better all the time. go to samspade.or and make sure you 
are not on a blackhole list. it will list your external IP and mail server 
name. If so there are alot of things you are going to have to do. 

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Subject: [exchangelist] Spam or relay ?!

i have found some errors on my exchange server ( Exchange 5.5 sp4 ). It
seems that someone tries to relay on
my mail server but wheni try some test from the internet i can not relay.
The event ID i get is 4031 on MSExchangeIMC with the following msg :

The description for Event ID ( 4031 ) in Source ( MSExchangeIMC ) could not
be found. 
It contains the following insertion string(s): <>, Undeliverable: ilanm,Tis
the season.. , <Engen@xxxxxxxxx>, 553
VS10-RT Possible forgery or deactivated due to abuse (#5.1.1).

what should i check ???

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