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  • Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 11:37:18 -0700

> "GFI's offering or MailMarshal however it doesn't  always catch newly
> crafted spam mails until you have altered or added new filters (im sure
> other members on this list could give indications on how much they need
> to maintain the text sensor scripts to block new spam waves)."
> That is where the iHateSpam Server Edition shines, we DO catch the newly
> formatted spams and update the Spam Definitions, much like your AV does:
> 5 minute setup and pretty much forget it, except that you will now be
> getting much less spam by 95%.
> This tool smokes GFI and NetIQ, but.. I 'm biased. :) Our customers
> speak for themselves though.

You know, I need to make a comment on this.

$395 for 25 users is $15.80 per mail box. What if some one does not get the
yearly maintenance? Does there product get updated, or only use the rules in
place at the time of purchase? 

Now, I am not trying to knock the product, it looks great.

I just want to emphasise that the war on spam is a hands on one that never
ends. You either have to spend the time yourself, or pay some one to do it.
In the case of using iHateSpam, you are paying for some one to do it. 

By far the biggest problem with SPAM is everyone's experience is different.
What is spam to one may be legit to another do to business models and such.
For example, a number of spam products look down upon messages from the far
east. I can't. I have a client that deals in electronic components. Where do
you think they get a far amount of e-mail from. Another example is a legit
company that sends out a legit newsletter, but uses a third party who
happens to use servers or less than legit means of getting messages out, and
is listed on SPAM databases. There is a BIG financial company that does
exactly this, and the 3rd party they use uses a subsiderary that is listed
on 8 SPAM major databases. 

Remember, spammers are spending night and day and tons of money to get their
messages into the users mail boxes. If you have a steam roller coming at you
doing 80 miles an hour, it is going to take effort to stop it.

John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA
eServices For You

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