RE: Spam and A/V appliances.

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  • Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 11:03:17 -0800  --- at about $4/user per month I feel it's the best IT 
security $$ I spend each month. It ROCKS. It cut our SPAM & VIRUS traffic down 
to a mere trickle overnight. Very few false positives but fully end-user 
management anyway. And, auto-spooling if our links or (Heaven forbid) the 
Exchange box goes down. Hard to beat!

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Hello all. I'm looking for input on an SMTP e-mail appliances for spam/content 
filtering and antivirus.  I prefer an appliance over software I run on a 
server, but I'll also accept input for software based products.

My exchange front end does nothing but SMTP transport work, and A/V scanning. 
It has no stores on it.  My current spam product runs on the back end servers, 
because it uses SMTP Event Sink to pick off spam.  This means I have to let 
spam come to the back end server, causes unnecessary load.  I want something to 
put all the way in front to reduce these loads.

Two of the popular names in appliances are Ironmail and Barracuda, so I'm 
obviously interested in those.  I'm also looking at St. Bernanrds ePrism, as we 
have their iPrism already.

One of my absolute requirements is how spam is managed.  I must have ability 
for end users to manage their spam and it's settings.  In conjunction with 
global black/white lists Users must have the ability to maintain their own 
(through web interface, directly in outlook, whatever).  The user must be able 
to view the items in their quarantine.  The key to his is the USER has some 
control.  I cannot utilize a device where an admin has to go digging through 
quarantines for legit mail, or where an admin has to approve a mail from being 
released from the quarantine.

Beyond that, I'm somewhat flexible.  I'll continue to use my Exchange front end 
A/V, but I want some decent A/V functionality in the appliance to reduce some 
scan load.

Based on this, can those of you who have used any of the boxes I've mentioned, 
and others, provide input on if they would meet my requirements, and what your 
experiences have been.

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