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Supposedly, what you can do is create a contact, give it it two smtp
addresses, one for the fulano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and one for external
fulano1@xxxxxxxxxx The external should be the primary SMTP (yahoo). I've
never tested this but there are articles I've read that says this works.
If this does work, the issue I see is if a user internal sends it email,
you will get an error something to the effect; a configuration error
between two servers cause this message...Test and let me know if it
works externally and internally. 


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Subject: Soka|forward email setup q

Hello All,
  We have an issue implementing email forwards that work internally and
externally.  The only way we have gotten this to work is to 1) add a
contact for the personal email, 2) add an email enabled user account
that forwards to the contact from step #1.  We would like to know if
others have found a way to achieve this without creating users with
  We want to offer an email forward to alumni.  An alumni account, eg
fulano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:fulano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> , would forward
to their personal email, eg fulano1@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:fulano1@xxxxxxxxx>
.  The fulano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:fulano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  account
should work when used on or off campus.  We are an Exchange 2003 SP1
Thanks, Robert
Robert Lawson
Senior Database Administrator/email administrator
Soka University of America
1 University Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656
main: 949.480.4000 fax: 949.480.4258
direct: 949.480.4224 rlawson@xxxxxxxx 

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