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Ho Robert,


The entire idea of a front end server is that the user connects to the
front end and that the front end connects to the back end server.


This said the reality is the same. The user uses OWA or outlook to
connect to the front end server on the LAN. The front end server
connects to the back end server where the mailbox stores are and you're
up and running. If OWA is running on the same machine as the front end
(In most cases this is true) then you could say that OWA is directly
connecting to the mailbox store on the back end, but the true connection
is still on the front end server and the user running the webclient to
access OWA is never in direct contact with the mailbox store on the back
end server.


Hope this helps,




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Van: Robert Lawson [mailto:rlawson@xxxxxxxx] 
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Hello All,

  A co-worker, the current Exchange admin, has stated that when the OWA
client is used on our LAN that it establishes a connection directly to
the mailbox store (as does Outlook) as well as to the front end server,
and therefore the OWA should not be used as mail client on our LAN.
When I use NETSTAT and Exchange System Manager's log in's for mailbox
store, I can not see this taking place.  It appears that when using the
OWA mail client on the LAN,  the front end server brokers access to the
mail store on your behalf, and no other connection is made to the
mailbox store.

  We are running Exchange 2003/Windows Server 2003.  We have a front end
server (OWA server) and back end server with mail stores.

  As a newbie Exchange person, your seasoned observations and comments
are welcome.

Thanks, Robert


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