RE: Soka|OWA 2003 & authentication

  • From: "Robert Lawson" <rlawson@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 07:21:41 -0700

   Thanks for info.  I only need authentication encrypted.  I'd like to use the 
FBA, but it forces me to assume the added overhead of SSL, for what appears to 
be an Exchange shortcoming: basic authentication for FE/BE.
   Also I had hoped the Exchange FE server would help balance the workload.  
Other than do "single name space" and authentication, it seems to do little 
  If I'm going to complicate my design with a FE server, looks like an ISA 
server would give my Exchange servers better protection from Internet maladies, 
yet I don't know this for fact yet.
Thanks, Robert


From: Wright, Steve [mailto:SteveW@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sat 4/30/2005 5:25 PM
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Subject: RE: Soka|OWA 2003 & authentication

We have the following configuration:
Front-End/Back-End Setup 
Exchange 2003 SP1 Active/Passive Cluster for the BackEnd attached to DELL/EMC 
Single Exchange 2003 SP1 Front-End
ISA 2004 Enterprise Edition Array (3-Leg template)
We use basic authentication which isn't secure but we compensate with SSL. I'm 
still torn whether i should turn FBA on. It's just 2 checkboxes.
I don't like the cookie aspect, but I like the fact that you authenticate at 
the firewall and not at the mail servers.


From: Robert Lawson [mailto:rlawson@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Fri 4/29/2005 12:12 PM
To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: Soka|OWA 2003 & authentication

  Is anyone using OWA 2003 over the web without forms based authentication?   
If so, which HTTP authentication method are using with OWA?  

  It seems that if you use a FE server (because you have multiple BE servers), 
then you have to use FBA.  

Thanks, Robert


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