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"It might be differnet in other large companies, but in the places I've worked, 
the purchasing department and the departments that support to the phones decide 
what phones users get, not the users.  There is no room for the user to dictate 
what phone they want to use, when the company has to provide the support for 
it.  There are minor exceptions, such as for executives, but this is very rare. 


In my experience, it's usually better for the people that actually do the 
business related tasks, and ultimately make the company money, rather than the 
team that supports them, be intimately involved and perhaps even the bigger 
influencer in those decisions.  I know this often isn't how it works, but when 
it does I've seen great adoption of the decision and even better, creative 
thinking among the business users in better and more efficient ways to use the 

If you have that many problems with 5 SmartPhones, maybe you need to revisit 
your training program or your configuration of the devices, rather than the 
devices themselves.  I've deployed windows mobile devices (well, and PPCPE and 
SmartPhones) all over the country and with good user training the success has 
been equal to anything I've done with BES servers (and I've deployed BES to a 
few thousand folks, though admittedly not version 4).  

A couple of key points: It is less expensive because clients already own 
Exchange - BES is not simply a 'value-add' - and in my experience the device 
costs are close enough to make any price differences on device negligible.  
Also, though Evan points out that in his infrastructure the MAPI connection is 
not a concern, that can't always be said for many environments.  You simply 
have to take any overhead impact into consideration, or you are asking for 
trouble in the long run (of course, this goes for any infrastructure changes).

My personal opinion is E2K3SP2 makes BES an unnecessary luxury, UNLESS you 
already have the existing investment of course.  Makes very little sense 
(unless BES is a huge headache) to rip out your existing infrastructure and all 
devices just because 'now it's in there.'  Having said that, it probably makes 
it worthwhile to evaluate a strategy going forward as devices and servers 
approach retirement.


My 2¢, anyhow...



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I have over 250 Blackberry Users to support.  If they all had WM5 smart phones, 
I'd have at least 25 calls per day for the phones alone, based on the calls I 
get for the 5 or so users currently using WM5 phones.  If I had to support 25 
users, I might think differently.


Yes, you can set password policy and a remote wipe, but  the fact still remains 
there is no way to restrict anything else on those devices.


I have a stout server infrastructure, I'm not concerned about the MAPI 
connections.  I'm not concerned about my BES account being hacked either. Use a 
secure password.   It's very easy to make a password that "cannot" be cracked.


It might be differnet in other large companies, but in the places I've worked, 
the purchasing department and the departments that support to the phones decide 
what phones users get, not the users.  There is no room for the user to dictate 
what phone they want to use, when the company has to provide the support for 
it.  There are minor exceptions, such as for executives, but this is very rare. 


Training doesn't prevent users from doing things to their unrestricted phones 
that cause them to stop working.  No amount of training can do that.  Users 
can, and will play.  BES lets you prevent their ability to play, which is why I 
(and many others) choose it.  



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Hello Evan,



to start with, my goal is NOT to make a troll.


BES agent make 4 mapi connection per blackberry. The more you have blackberry...

BES account have full access to all mailboxes. If it's cracked or virus coming 


We have setup full WM5 devices. Things i didn't know before:

-Godaddy certificate (30$) is working directly with WM5 that have the security 
pack (no certificate install on device)

-You can enforce password policy through ESM with device wipe after X attempt.

-You can remote wipe a WM5 device from exchange (through the MobileAdmin 

-Direct SSL access to exchange FE (isa in reverse proxy before).


-the main advantage is that can you freely choose your smartphone and operator.

-Above all, you can and have to choose your form factor. This is the success 
key. Many users want

the best one (mean the more expensive one), but this model are often not 

In our company, most users have choosen the biggest one with keyboard, even if 
we let them choose

between 3 form factor (phone with WM5, pda look like (no keyboard), and the 
Qtek wih slide keyboard).

We should have enforce their choice...


Anyway which mobile solution you choose:

Training, training, training. Start with your own staff, they must have deep 
knowledge about it.


The success things:

-Migrate their contact from the old phone. This means SIM and phone contacts.

-Explain clearly the peak hours useness.

-Explain bluetooth eat battery.

-Give them the phone, make them answer a test call. Not just the answering 
thing but the real life thing:

-Mute sound

-Handfree button

-search contact while on the phone

-look agenda while on the phone


hope it helps,






Friday, September 8, 2006, 2:39:38 PM, you wrote:



You need to upgrade your BES.  4.x offers full wireless sync.  I don't have a 
single user who has to cradle any more.


I'm also offering support for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, doesn't matter which 
kind, as long as it can be upgraded to support DirectPush.


BES is better then all of them IMO. It offers bertter management and more 
security and policy enforcement then anyone else.  You don't have to install 
special software on the handhelds either and deal with those issues.  The 
phones aren't as "cool", but this is for business.  Cool isn't a concern, 
reliability, security, and support are the concerns. 





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We have all kinds here. 

*         Blackberries. Emails are synced wireless but calendar and contact has 
to be done with wire (not bad). Good thing with BB access plan rate doesn't 
change outside the country.

*         Palm 700w and palm 700p. Fully synchronized wireless. Doesn't work 
outside USA

*         T-Mobile MDA windows based. Full active sync. Crazy expensive out 
states and Canada 


Exchange 2003 sp2


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I'm curious what type of Smart Phones folks are using with Exchange?  For 
political reasons some admins here want to move away from Blackberries and BES. 
 Right now we're looking at Goodlink and WSES.  What are the rest of you using 
on the backend and what device are you having your users carry?




George Taylor

Systems Programmer

Regional Health Inc.


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