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  • Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 21:12:56 -0500

I went from a BB8700 to a PPC 8125 .


I use exchange and have a Blackberry server too.  The BB 8700 would
always break - the 8125 (Cingular)  accepts push technology and
co-exsists with the BB server.


Hands down, I have had better luck with PPC.  The contacts and some of
the feature in the BB are a little neater/cleaner but the functionality
is there on the 8125



I went thru 4 BB in 4 months- I changed to the 8125 and have not had any
prblems since.


Gabriel Rincon



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Treo 700W  Works a treat.  Make sure whatever you get uses the
full-blown WM5 OS (read about the Q and you'll understand)



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I'm curious what type of Smart Phones folks are using with Exchange? For
political reasons some admins here want to move away from Blackberries
and BES.  Right now we're looking at Goodlink and WSES.  What are the
rest of you using on the backend and what device are you having your
users carry?




George Taylor

Systems Programmer

Regional Health Inc.


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