RE: Smart Host in IIS 5.0 SMTP Relay

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 21:12:54 +0800

I am looking for something similar also and yet to find a solution.
Mine is only one site but 2 IMC with 2 smtp relay on DMZ.  I can
only configure 1 IMC point to 1 smtp relay.  Without DNS not sure
how to do load-balancing and failover between the two.

If you found a solution can share with me?

The only solution other than DNS that I know of which is not practical
is to used a load-balancer.  Have a Cisco CSS in-house, I can create
a virtual IP and point to the two smtp relays in DMZ, then both IMC
just point to this virtual IP.  But the CSS is expensive which is used
more for load balancing web servers so I am reluctant to used it just
for smtp load-balancing.

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        Hello Experts (not me !)


        The company where I work has two sites, in diferent cities.

        In each city we have:
        1 Exchange Site 
        1 smtp relay (in DMZ)
        1 IMC (Exchange Server 5.5)
        lots of users.

        I know I can put more than one IP address in IMC (Configuration,
connections, IMC, connections, message delivery, Forward all this messages
to this host). I dont want to use DNS at this time.

        I would like to know if its possible to configure more than one
tcp/ip address in SMTP Relay (Server, Default SMTP Virtual Server, Domain,
right click on the domain name, general, forward all mail to smart host.
Again, I dont want to use DNS at this time.

        Any ideas?

        Thank you Fellows

>       Dêniz Feital
>       GIC - Chiptek / Vésper 
>       Tel (11) 3489-7730
>       Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

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