Re: Slow Exchange performance and the 3gb switch

  • From: "Zoran" <zmarjanovic@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 05:00:31 -0700

Hello Duggy,

it is enough to set update for only one symantec product on one machine
(they will share it). I would recomend you to do it for nav and to use
scripts to automate inteligent updater downloads on daily basis, as live
update is available only every wednesday. Do not forget to exclude AV TEMP
folders, M drive, inetsrv from scanning.In case you have problems with
memory allocation on advanced server you shoud see a message in app log
saying something like: "your working memory is fragmented and you need to
restart your server". Depending on the number of users, you should decide
do you need additional memory (I have 4GB on exchange). If you have
'space' do not host DC and exchange on the same machine. If you do not
have enough servers (machines) you may try to host the DC replica on a
desktop (for backup purpose). What version of SAVFMSE you use?


> Hi Duggy
> How many and what type of processors has it got please? I would also put at
> least another GB of RAM in it too. You are asking a lot of the machine
> unless it has a very good hardware platform especially it is also doing file
> and print and is the FSMO for your AD Forest. Moving the roles and the GC
> function to another machine may also help but without knowing more about
> your network I cannot guarantee that. Chances are it will though. The only
> thing I would say is do not demote it from being a DC. I was explicitly
> warned not too by Microsoft PSS in connection with an incident I once worked
> on.
> The \3GB switch will help.
> Hope that helps?
> Regards,
> Paul Lemonidis.
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> Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 10:49 AM
> Subject: [exchangelist] Slow Exchange performance and the 3gb switch
> >
> >
> > Hi folks
> > wonder if you can advise.  We have a customer with an Exchange 2k box with
> > all the correct as advised raid setup etc and exactly 1 gb ram on a w2k
> > advanced server that is the active directory root ! Performance
> > bottlenecks during the middle of the day and reaction time at the console
> > can sometimes drag.  Based on reviews and visits to exchange support
> > groups our plan is to:
> >
> > Reintsall the local nav as unmanaged and allow it to perform its own
> > updates. might help. (av for exchange is running fine)
> > Moving user directories and other data from this server to a file server.
> > i'm sure this will help the server.
> > adding the  /3gb switch to the boot.ini as recommended by ms due to w2k
> > advanced server and 1gb ram on server. will this help. Have you seen it's
> > influence anywhere ? or will there be adverse effects on ad logins etc.
> > Active directory root etc is on server-we are thinking of moving roles to
> > another server. Will this make any impact on performance ? (Rhetorical
> > question ?)
> >
> > what we've already done:
> > Changed the realtime protection of symantec anti virus to not monitor
> > exchange directories etc as recommended by symantec
> > Checked symantec av for exchange is uptodate and updating. looking good.
> >
> > any advise is appreciated.
> > thanks
> > duggy
> >
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