Slightly OT - Common Stationery in Outlook 2003

  • From: "Jason Merrique" <j.merrique@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 00:14:43 -0000

Hi All,
I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question but here goes
Our company would like to standardise the format of all outgoing email
(html, 10pt Verdana). Now the easiest way, as far as I can see to do
this is to define a common company stationery, that everyone would use,
distribute it using the logon script and enable it with a GPO. This is
how I plan to do it:

*       Create new html stationery (defines body, headings, link styles
etc... with CSS)
*       Copy the common stationery file to a server share
*       Add line to logon script to copy the file from the server share
to "%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Stationery"
*       Create adm file which sets a registry key something like this:


        This registry setting gives the name of the stationery to be
used for new messages.
*       Then to make sure that the user is using HTML for new mail, I
enable the appropriate GPO entry.

My questions:

1.      Is this the most efficient way to standardise outgoing company
email, or does Exchange/Outlook provide this function already?
2.      Is it wise to use CSS in the manner - should I try to avoid
going nuts and adding things like layers?

This is only for new messages - replies will be in the same format as
the original message to avoid annoying pine users!
And I would not be adding any ghastly background pictures or decorations
- it will essentially just be the font settings and the disclaimer.
Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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