Site Replication Services

  • From: "Tariq Bin Azad" <tariq.bin.azad@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 03:10:31 -0500


I have few questions regarding Site Replication services.  I will appreciate if 
some body can shed a light on it.

Question 1:
We have 42 exchange 5.5 sites.  (Boston, Chicago, New York and .... ) Do you 
think that it is a good idea to keep SRS 
service running in a site even if I have no more Exchange 5.5 server in a site? 
Keep in mind that my organization 
is in coexistence mode and I have Exchange 5.5 servers running in other sites.

Boston site is converted from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. All mailboxes and 
public folders are on Exchange 
2000 server.  There is no Exchange 5.5 server running in a Boston site.  There 
are Exchange 5.5 servers in an 
Exchange Organization but all these servers are in other sites. Do I still want 
to keep SRS services in a Boston 

Question 2:
My Boston site is converted into an Exchange 2000 site.  There is no Exchange 
5.5 server in a Boston site.  My 
organization is in a coexistence mode.  There are other Exchange 5.5 servers in 
my organization.  What should I do 
with my ADC connector with Boston site?  Should I delete it? Disable it? Set 
replication to never? Or leave it as 
it was before?

Question 3:
If I create any user in a Boston site (Exchange 2000 Site with SRS service 
disabled), that user is not appearing in 
GAL of Exchange 5.5 server. My exchange 5.5 users cannot see this new Exchange 
2000 user whose mailbox is created on Boston Exchange 2000 server. Any idea, 

Question 4:
We have 42 Exchange 5.5 site.  I am converting one site at a time.  Is this a 
normal scenario to have a SRS running 
in each site in a mixed mode environment?

Question 5:
Do you have a good technical document links about role of SRS server in a one 
organization scenario with multiple 
sites? Could you please send me some links?

Question 6:
To apply service pack 3 what should be the order? Am I suppose to apply service 
pack 2 first and then service 
pack 3 or can I still apply service pack 3 directly without installing service 
pack 2.

Please let me know.

Thank you, 


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