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Thank you for the post Williams, ( I already contacted there support prior to 
this post as was awaiting a response ) and although I have always had good 
support from many vendors, in my experience they some times are unsure if it 
what I need done can work as they may not have actually done such an 
implementation before ( Theory vs. Practical Implementation ).

That is why  prefer to ask a forum of peers so that I can get an opinion other 
then from the vendor as to what issue's some one else has faced in resolving an 

And to elaborate further I also need to sync public folder and free and busy 
information. I would use Microsoft's Exchange Server Inter-Organization 
Replication utility but I was told that it will not work with Exchange Orgs 
using dissimilar languages ( German vs. English ).

Since many of the list subscribers work for large World Class Enterprise 
Organization's such as HP, Intel, Cisco, IBM. I thought I would send a quick 
email asking if this could be done.

My apologies if this created any additional unnecessary noise on the list, 


Jose Medeiros
Former Vice President and Postmaster NTEA


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I can't imagine why it would not work.

SimpleSync has good customer service in my experience.  Have you tried?

Direct Contact 
Sometimes the automated resources do not cover the issue the customer may
have. In that event we offer direct support through traditional methods. 
SimpleSync Support 
Custom Court Docket Management Systems 

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Good Morning Fellow Exchange Guru's;

Is any one using a product called " Simple Sync " on Exchange.
The problem I am trying to solve is synching the Exchange 2003 GAL with an
Exchange Organization in Germany that is in a separate forest. Can this tool
work on AD systems that have dissimilar languages? If not does any one know
of a tool that may work?


Jose Medeiros
408-449-6621 Cell

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