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  • From: "Jamie A. Byrnes" <jabyrnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 16:49:59 +0930

If an item is copied out of the store and then back in it will lose the
possibility of single instance storage. If you just want to take stuff
out - permanently - no problem.

Removing duplicates? That could be a problem - unless there is a
particular field in the duplicates that is the same for all of them and
none of the messages you wish to keep. You could then use exmerge on
that field to get rid of them (ie. Date\time). Else you're looking and
scripting or manual removal. Don't actually know of a script to do it
though sorry.

But again remember that the size of the priv.edb file on disk is the
filesize not the data size. Check the app log on your exchange server
for a message from ESE stating how much free space there is in the DB.

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Hi Jamie;
How can the exmerge be used to shrink the DB as if you start it just at
the welcome message it tells you that see below:

"Message copied will lose their single instance storage and this may
result in the size of the Microsoft Exchange private information store
increasingly significantly"

How then can this be possible with the exmerge?
I have the same problem to as I restored a database and let the old logs
in hence causing duplicates and doubling my priv1.edb. I used the
Duplicate email remover to the clients and the priv1.edb decreased in a
very little amount. That is why I was interested in making follow-up on
the issue of shrinking the priv1.edb.

My plan was to use the in-built tools for e2k to defragment the database
after I have removed the duplicates from users' mailboxes.

Any Idea please???????????

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