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-------------------------------------------------------User 1:  User having 
something in mail that user 2 needs to access.
User 2:  User needing access to user 1's mail folders/contacts/whatever. 

For user 2 to access folders other than the standard ones provided by "open
other user's folder", user 2 must access user 1's mailbox via "Open these
additional mailboxes" on the Advanced tab of the Advanced dialog of the
Exchange account setup.


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-------------------------------------------------------Trying to share a
second contact folder on a users account with other users on ex2k7.  I can
share the contact folder with permissions no problem.  However the
requesting user cannot get access to the shared contacts unless it is the
"contacts" folder itself. i.e. if I make a contact folder labeled "outside
contacts"  I cannot get access to it.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!


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