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According to the people at Microsoft it is possible to set up on a
standard version E2K which comes with SBS. I cannot set up multiple
mailboxes, but should be able to set up virtual smtp servers to handle
multiple domains. The big question is, how to make it work?

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As far as I know SBS does not support multiple domains

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I posted this message before, but did not get any answers, so I am

I am a totally newbe to E2K server and have just installed the 2000
SmallBusinessServer with E2K standard version. I am trying to set up
several domains on one server. I have done the following: -Set up DNS
with as a domain controller on server EX1 -Set up MX record to point to Set up Mailbox store for EX1 -In
Recipien Policy/Default Policy set up as smtp -In Default SMTP
Virtual Server / Advanced Delivery / Fully-qualified Domain Name: (Tested and OK) -POP3 is set up with the correct IP address.
-In Active Directory I have set up a user with bjorn@xxxxxxx as smtp
e-mail address in both Exchange General and E-mail Addresses

Then the big question is? What have I left out or what have I done wrong
since this is not working? When sending to the address bjorn@xxxxxxx, I
get the message in return saying that no such address exists.

I have gone trough all the articles about setting up SMTP vitual servers
on Microsoft site, but it obviousley does not cover all my problems.

I will greatly appreciate any help in this matter.


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