RE: Setting email format with Recipient Policy

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 14:23:22 -0500

Hey Russ,

In the Recipient policy properties, click on the "E-Mail address (policy)"
add an SMTP entry that looks like this:


That will add an address %g (Given name) then a period "." then %s (Surname)
followed by the Domain name (
This will affect the addresses of who the policy is applied to. (if it
doesn't already exit)

Example name: Daniel Shelly  (
would add


As an address.

Hope that helps,


From Exchange help:
You can type text as well as replacement strings in the SMTP Address
Properties dialog box, in Address. Use the format


where userformat is optional and can contain text as well as replacement
strings, and domain is an alphanumeric domain name.

The default user format string, if one is not specified, is %m. A user
format string of %% results in a replacement string of a single percent

User Format     String  Replacement String  Format String  Proxy Generated
Sample User
%s      Surname                         %s@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
%g      Given name                      %g@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
%i      Middle initial          %g.%i.%s@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
%d      Display name            %d@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
%m      Mailbox                         %m@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
%rxy  Use %r to identify that you want to substitute one character for
another. The character you want to remove is listed after the %r, shown by
the x in the User Format String column. The character you want to substitute
is listed next, represented by the y in the User Format String column. If x
and y are equal, the character will be deleted.

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I am trying to add a recipient policy that specifies the default email
address as 'firstname.lastname@xxxxxxxxxx'. The default recipient policy
sets the email address as the exchange 'alias@xxxxxxxxxx'.

Has anyone done this?


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