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        Dolly, I cant accept you have to restart the server every single
time you restart your computer, I can even imagine you simply accept that as
easy as you wrote it down. Have you ever tried to look at TechNet and stuff
like that?


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I have to agree with Bill, there is no need to restart IIS. The errors get
logged they appear as unavailable under the IIS structure - server should
function without issues.


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I have never found it necessary to restart the services. It is simply
annoying to have the IIS amin tool show them as unavailable.

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Every time you restart the Exchange server you have to restart the www
service. It takes time to the Information store service to begin, till
this service is not up the M drive is not available so the path to these
folders are not available. It will happened to you all the time. So make
it a habit - restart the www service as soon as the server is up.


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I have a problem with IIS services not starting when the server starts.
Specs:  W2K server SP2, E2K SP3.  When the server is restarted, I get a
stop sign on the following folders under my default web site in IIS:
Public, Exchange, and Exadmin.  If I go to the properties of each of
these, and browse to the location where the folder is, then it goes to
running.  (If I tell it where to find the folder, it starts or comes
online, whatever you want to call it.)  Is there a reason that my server
can't remember where to find these locations, and I have to "remind" it
every reboot?


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