RE: Service pack 3 for Windows 2000

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:40:48 -0400

I have seen info on the microsoft nntp server saying that sp3 absolutely
does not work with sp3.   All the documentation I have seen (through
rigorous searching) says absolutely do not run compression on exchange
2k and to honestly not run it on windows 2k server.   Compression is ok
for win2k professional but it's a resource hog in the server environment
and can lead to disk channel bottlenecks.  

Of course I found all this out after running Win2k and Exchange2k on a
compressed system while researching information about installing service

Even when I get it all uncompressed there is no way I am installing sp3
from everything I have read about it.  I think I will wait till the
roll-up package for sp3 which is guaranteed with any ms product.   

:(  I should have installed groupwise.

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Thanks for the response Andrea.

You may be right about the compression, but having uncompressed the
files on disk it made no immediate difference to our exchange system
(which has been running quite happily for 14 months and had SP1 & SP2
applied without problems). We have now re-installed Exchange 2000 and
then Exchange SP3 and all except one mail store then mounted and ran
(and the one which didn't run has now been fixed with ESEUTIL).

Two additional points worth noting.
1) Dispite having re-installed the original Exchange 2000 system
(confirmed as not having any SP in System Manager) it would not allow us
to install earlier SPs. So there does not appear to be any way to
roll-back an Exchange SP.
2) If Exchange SP3 does not support mail stores which are compressed
(although earlier versions apparently do) - WHY DO MICROSOFT NOT WARN OF
THIS IN THEIR SP3 RELEASE NOTES?  (or mention it on their website!)

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> Why is your Information store compressed?
> I'm not sure, but I think your problem is not SP related, it's memory 
> related.  Since your information store is compressed (NTFS compression

> is enabled), Windows is trying to decompress it when you start
> Exchange.  This
> is done by decompressing it to memory, so you need as much 
> memory as the
> original, uncompressed size of the information store.
> Decompress your ExchSrvr folder, and you can keep the SP.
> Regards
> Andy
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> From: Mark Dewell [mailto:M.Dewell@xxxxxxxxx]
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> I too am having problems with Exchange 2000 SP3.
> We have successfully updated a front end server and one of
> our back end
> servers (which has no live mailboxes on it - because it is intended as
> replacement for existing server and we have yet to migrate any users).
> I have just applied SP3 to a second back end server which has
> several live
> mail stores (some up to and now any attempt to mount the mail 
> stores fails
> with error 505 
> "Information Store (1472) An attempt to open the compressed file
> "D:\Exchsrvr\West Ham Staff SG\West Ham SS Staff.edb" for read / write
> access failed because it could not be converted to a normal 
> file.  The open
> file operation will fail with error -4005 (0xfffff05b).  To 
> prevent this
> error in the future you can manually decompress the file and 
> change the
> compression state of the containing folder to uncompressed.  
> Writing to this
> file when it is compressed is not supported. "
> Any attempts to run ESEUTIL /P returns a
> 'JET_errFileCompressed' error.
> Checking the headers with ESEUTIL /MH shows both the .edb and
> .stm files
> were a clean shutdown
> Unless anyone has any suggestions, it looks like we will be
> rolling back to
> SP2 (which presumable means restoring the file system from 
> tape - hopefully
> our mail stores will then mount without also needing a 
> restore from tape).
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