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Under each services properties, you have a choice to choose a specific username 
and password for the service to "log on" with, or you can choose the local 
system account. 
If the previous admin had selected the administrator account to log on as and 
not the local system account, you have to maanually go in to each service and 
change the password for the admin account to your new one. 
They should come up without a prob after that.

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Hello all,

I inherited admin of a single domain Win2000 Server structure in a small 
business.  Currently it is operating as a single DC, and also runs Exchange 5.5 
SP4, pulling in POP mail for the clients.  I don't know if it's relevant, but 
there's also another Win2k server at the location, but it is not a member of 
the domain, and is in workgroup mode instead.  

Anyway to get to the main question.  I changed the administrator password on 
the DC for security reasons.  The change went through fine, but on bouncing 
this server and logging on as admin with the new password the Exchange services 
consistently fail to start, with the log reporting a logon failure at 
initialization of Exchange Directory Services.  Accordingly, all the other Exch 
dependent services fail to kick in as well. There is no way to start the 
services, either.  To correct this I returned to the previous password for 
administrator and the Exch services started as usual.  I'm not sure I 
understand the relationship between the admin password change and the affect on 
the Exch services startup.  Would appreciate an explanation!


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