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Hi Troy,

If you have technets lookup for an "winmail.dat" ...

There are quite a few articles which may be useful to you..

I was looking for it...i am having the same problem with very few domain like and etc. I will continue to look ...and keep you 
posted...please let me  also know if you get to any resolution.


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We are running Exchange 5.5 on NT4.0. 

We have a client who is sending .rtf files as an attachment to emails. When
they send these the following happens:

1) IF the receiving email address is setup in Exchange (either an internal
or external address), everything is received fine
2) IF the receiving email address is NOT setup in exchange the file is
received as an unreadable .dat file. 

I understand that this is the information that is pulled off the original
email and is generally formatting information that cannot be used by the
receiving client. 

What I can't understand is WHY does the fact that the address is setup in
Exchange matter or make a difference at all?

If anyone can offer ANY advice at all about this, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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