Sending mail to or in Exchange Server 2000

  • From: jperez@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 12:56:11 -0600

Hello, I need your help because I've a problem sending mails to accounts
with or domains in Exchange 2000. When I send an
email to this domains it remains queued in SMTP Protocol or in SMTP
Connector until the time of retransimision is available, but only happens
with yahoo, does anybody knows why ??? My actual scenario is:
I have installed a NetScreen firewall with NAT address from the public IP
to the local IP in my LAN to the Web Server and the Mail Server, these
servers have a local IP, but the gateway in both is the local IP from the
Firewall which gives the in & out to the publics IP's. Only with yahoo
domains happens this. I verify some documents from Microsoft KB but only
explain about the FQDN of some domains. I've already change the
parameteres for the retransimision time in Exchange but it doesn't works
Thank you in advance for all the support and comments you can give to me.
Best Regards.

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