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Here's a site that shows you how to implement an event sink to do per 
user journaling. 

To install and use an SMTP event sink you will first require the 
SMTPREG.vbs script that is included in the Exchange SDK. Create a 
directory on your servers c: drive called c:\smtpevt and copy the 
smtpreg.vbs  and smtpjrnl.vbs scripts into this directory. To create an 
event sink for the smtpjrnl.vbs  script that will fire when mail is 
sent to *.hotmail.com From a command line in the c:\smtpevt directory 

cscript smtpreg.vbs /add 1 onarrival smtpjrnl  CDO.SS_SMTPOnArrivalSink 
"Rcpt to=...
@yourcompany.com" Now all emails sent to 
@yourcompany.com will get forwarded to the email address you specify 
in the script. This will only capture emails sent to this user. To 
capture emails that this user is sending out you it will only work if 
you install this sink on a Exchange server that does not host the users 

You then need to associate the smtpevt.vbs script to this event sink 
you have created using 

cscript smtpreg.vbs /setprop 1 onarrival smtpjrnl Sink ScriptName 

If you wish to delete this event sink latter type 

cscript smtpreg.vbs /remove 1 onarrival smtpjrnl 


James Chong 




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Is there a way in exchange when sending outgoing message to send a copy
to a internal recipient with including in the cc list?


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