Secondary exchange server and automatic spooling

  • From: Jabber Wock <jabberwock99@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 10:55:38 -0400

 I have set up two exchange servers, one as primary and one as backup. The
two are far apart across the Internet (many hundreds of miles apart). There
is no Active Directory connection between them, i.e. they are not in the
same forest, no "trust relationships" between them etc., and they do not
have the same AD DOMAIN name and no VPN between them. This is intentional,
for reasons I won't go into here to avoid clouding the question.
 The primary mailserver and backup mailserver are both configured with the
same user accounts. The intent is that if the primary fails disastrously for
a prolonged period, users will switch their profiles manually to the backup
server and will have send and receive and OWA capability (not just storage
for received emails but no send or OWA as with a secondary MX mailserver).
Of course, the historical content will not be visible immediately but that
will be in the OST files so in cached mode, should get sync'd up.
 The question is: when the primary server comes back on line, how do we
ensure that all the email that was received on the secondary server,
automatically gets spooled to the primary? is there a way of "flushing" or
"spooling" this data from the backup server to the primary server?
 best regards

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