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I currently have Windows 2k with Exchange 5.5 sp4.
I have a user that uses various public folders to receive emails to
different addresses. In each public folder there is a script that fires
every time that a message arrives in that public folder (obviously using the
Exchange Event Service). Each script moves the message to a 'parallel'
folder that is in a branch below his 'inbox' folder. That way he can have
various addresses and yet have the messages arrive to separate folders
within his box. Different addresses have different priorities for action so
with this system he can then see deal with the priority emails as they
arrive without having to look at each public folder separately.

I would like to move to Exchange 2000. The KB says that you can replicate
the event system but I have not been able to get this to work in the lab. In
any case the KB says that I should use the native Windows scripting system.
However, I cannot seem to find a proper reference to the Windows 2000
scripting system. In particular I cannot find how to attach a script to a
public folder. In Exchange 5.5 I merely go to the public folder in Outlook,
open properties, go to Agents and edit the file in Notepad. What is the
equivalent way of doing this in Exchange 2000?

I have searched the archives and cannot find any real mention of scripting.

Peter Staveley

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