Re: Scheduling NTBackup to mapped drive

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You're talking to the wrong people; you're talking to the professionals.
Talk to the home user, they'll tell you what you need to know.

Jeffrey Engle
Senior NT/Network/Telecom Systems Analyst
"640K ought to be enough for anybody." 
- Bill Gates, 1981

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> always want to leave a user logged on, as Microsoft
> says, never leave your system vulnerable due to an
> unlocked system. Easist Admin mistake there is.

Some thing is really wrong here. In all the reading I have done, best
practice documentation I have read, IT personal I have talked to, Microsoft
seminars I have attended, Microsoft classes I have taken, Microsoft tests I
have taken, Microsoft Security team members I have talked to, never has it
been said that an easy admin mistake is to not have a computer logged on.
Just the opposite, only be logged on when needed.

John Tolmachoff
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