Re: Scheduling NTBackup to mapped drive

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  • Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 09:50:17 +0100

Morning, Afternoon, Evening All.

Has Danny's original question been answered?

Forgetting the rhetorics, Danny have you gotten the solution to the problem?

Locking or logging out depends very much on the environment within which you are operating. Here, we mostly lock when running a task and log out otherwise. There is no one clear right way.

Regarding the security issues, once your logging-in credentials are compromised, it then becomes very irrelevant whether you log or lock, and if they are not, same thing applies - irrelevant whether you log or lock.

John, there is nothing wrong, immoral or dirty about being called a "consultant". I am one and proud of it. Some people "hate" Doctors, some Solicitors, some Accountants, some Builders, some the human race, the list is endless. Please do not feel obliged or compelled to justify your calling or level of proficiency to anyone. Some people will find your capabilities outstanding, and some would not. There is no one universal cap that fits all. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. A man doesn't think highly of Politicians, so be it. We all have our prerogatives.

Going back to the original issue, it does not really matter whether Danny locks or log out. The only right approach in this case is one that solves his problem. His integrity should not be questioned regarding his ability to make the right decisions as far as security is concerned.

Could we now lay this to rest. We are still expecting a reply from Bukino to Moses Nkgari in relation to his PO3 and DL problem. Bukino how far, any movements?


Duke Jibunoh (Senior Consultant)
Kobra Computers - It Support Services

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