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LOL. Right. And I have some land in the Sierra I'd like to sell you. 

How about the truth:
use_strong_passwords.mspx (read, "But all too often...") (look at
"password protect your..." which mentions ALL SERVERS.)
0server (look at #2)

Answer me this: Why would microsoft give the ability to lock all their
server screens?? Because they don't want you to USE IT!? Again, this is
common sense.

LOL Whew, sorry, I just blew a few junks. 

Hey my weak newbie, if your incredibly fragile ego can't take being wrong,
that's not my deal. SEE A SHRINK. 


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Trying to add some documented references to the two sides of this issue I
have found the following statement in a Microsoft Press book.


Book: Microsoft Windows Security for Windows XP and Windows 2000 Inside Out
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Copyright: 2003
ISBN: 0-7356-1632-9

Pages: 111-112

Background: Statement made in reference to using Syskey to add an additional
layer of login protection for Windows based systems.


"Caution: Bear in mind that this added startup requirement provides no
additional protection once the computer is up and running.  That is, if an
attacker can reach your unattended computer while an administrator account
is logged on, your passwords can be stolen.  An attacker can steal the LSASS
cache of hashed passwords and copy it to a floppy disk in seconds.  Again,
it comes down to physical security:  Unless your computer is always guarded
by a person or a locked door, be sure to log off when you leave the computer
and ensure that all user accounts are password protected."


This article might be useful for those locking their servers.

Keith Duemling

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