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Rather than backing up the whole message store all you should need to backup
would be the Log files (assuming that you are getting a valid online backup
every night and clearing the logs (so no recursive logging).   Then if you
have a critical failure and lose the server, you should be able to restore
the server from the arcserve tape, restore the logs from the IDE drive, and
be right back to where your were.

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Hi all,

Just a query about backing up exchange mailboxes, I currently have a =
batch file running every hour on a Exchange 2000 server which is also my =
DC backing up all users folders - documents ect..

I would also like to backup all users mailboxes every hour but i am not =
sure which way to go about it. The reason why is because our current =
server's service agreement is on a return to base basis. So if something =
goes wrong we are without a server! - not my doing.

So, I have installed a IDE drive along with the RAID array so that these =
hourly backups will be on my IDE which i will pull out and put in =
another machine if i lose the server.

I could backup the mailbox store, but without an exchange server it =
wouldnt be very usefull , Or i could backup the entire MBX directory =
from the M: drive but this can timely.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Note: We do a full tape backup everynight with ARCserv with exchange =
backup agent.



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