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-------------------------------------------------------On your item (1), and 
using a resource mailbox:

This mailbox of unknown purpose is apparently capable of independent thought
and may accept or decline a meeting request.  Your user wants to be an
automatic BCC on all meeting-related outbound messages sent from this
mailbox.  It may be possible to do that with a rule on the resource mailbox.
(disclaimer: untested)

Your item (2) is possible if the resource mailbox accepts the meeting - once
the meeting appears on the calendar, if you have permissions, you can see
all of the attendees on the scheduling tab of the meeting in that calendar.
But there is no record kept on the calendar of meetings rejected.  For that
you'd have to go back to the meeting organizer.

Other suggestions might be possible if you described the problem.   Who
wants what information and under what circumstances?  What does this
calendar represent?

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I know what a resource calendar is for, but I've done little with public
folder calendars. I have users who want things that I am unaware of a
functional way to do as built in.  I already had found the users
requirements could not be met via a resource calendar, so I looked to
public folder calendar.

The user wanted 2 things
1) To get the accept/decline notifications to their inbox
2) To see the tally of users who actually accepted/declined the
appointment when viewing the meeting on the calendar

Both cannot be done at once from the combination of public folder
calendar, resource calendar, or secondary calendar in the users mailbox,
from my testing.

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What you're
asking is a common question from those who don't understand the notion
of "resource calendars".

If you're one of those, then you should create the calendar that must
decline or accept such requests using the standard procedure.  Such
calendars are not held in public folders, but they be viewed as easily
as one views the calendar of another person.  More:

If you're not one of those, then you're asking for functionality beyond
that provided in the MS product.  There may or may not be 3rd party
products to do this at the URL mentioned above.  I think probably not,
because most people give up the quest for using public folder calendars
for resources and do it the MS-supported way.


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Subject: [ExchangeList] Schedule public folder calendar

Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003.

Is there a built in way for a public folder calendar to be scheduled by
a user, and have the accept/decline notifications for that meeting on
the public calendar go back to the person who scheduled it?

If there is no built in way, are there any free utilities to let you do

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