RE: Schedule incoming external mail

  • From: "jh" <jthart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 21:07:34 -0600

Mark, thanks for your reply.

I totally agree - this is not an effective means of antivirus protection,
its placement would only be a means of reducing exposure.  We run two
layers of antivirus (with the third in the pipeline) but it's all
meaningless if there is no pattern update, isn't it.  Someone has to be
hit by the virus first in order for the antivirus companies to fix it.  I
congratulate you on your good fortune in not being hit, and I hope your
luck continues.  We have been caught once by an email virus (about 4 years
ago, which inspired additional antivirus measures) and, for me, once was
quite enough.

I'm not an Exchange aficionado and I'd be interested in any other options,
either built-in or third party that may be available.


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