RE: ScanMail Vs GFI MailEssentials

  • From: "Hirantha Wijayawardena" <hirantha@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 14:02:18 +0600

Hi, Achmad


It's good to have same product. At present I'm using the same product -
ScanMail/e-Manager. But I'm not very satisfied with e-manager, coz it is
not flexible. Correct me if I'm wrong - on e-manager I could not see any
SPAM filter from the domain. I would like to block SPAM mail from the
domain coz it much easier. Of cause we can use Trend SPS but we have to
have another m/c.


I prefer to have more features (not even myself I guess..) such as
Disclaimer, blacklist, whitelist etc.


Mail essentials will provide what I mentioned above.


But I'm happy with Trend ScanMail very mush


- Hirantha  


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better the same product
Antivirus : protect server from trend micro

scan mail anti virus : scan mail for exchange from trend micro

scan spam : scan e-manager for exchange from trend micro

all in the same machine.not problem.


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