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  • From: Karsten Aarhus <kaa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'[ExchangeList]'" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 14:07:41 +0100

Hi anantha,
Get the new domain to point at your ip adr. (the same your are using now).
Set the exchange 5.5 so it can get the mails for the new domain.
On the user create a new e-mail adr. user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  an set it to replay adr. if you do that your
user can still get mails form the old domain but when the user sent a new
mail it sent with user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
If you have a firewall you should have to open for the new domain.
Hope it is understandable.

Best Regards 

Karsten Aarhus
Astralis A/S
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Fra: Anantha Kumar S [mailto:Anantha.Kumar@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sendt: 13. december 2002 13:07
Til: [ExchangeList]
Emne: [exchangelist] domain name change

Hi all
Our company is planning to change its name. We will be changing our domain
name also. I have a exchange 5.5 with 60 users.
1 Should i reinstall a new exchange server with newcompany name or can i use
existing old server and rename it
2 How to move users from old to new. that is users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  to users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> . 
3 Is there any thing that i have to do at ISP level.
Can any one help me with this, any procudure or any write up is available on
the net, would be of great help to me
thanks in advance.
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