RE: SV: Disappearing Mails

  • From: "Faizal Khan" <mis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:18:40 -0400

Thanks for the advice, in fact I was planning on using this measure to
restore this user mail box as a quick method of solving the problem,
however, I haven’t the additional hardware as yet :-(
Any other ideas are welcome.
With Kind Regards,
Faizal Khan
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Guyana Forestry Commission
1 Water Street, Kingston, 
Georgetown, GUYANA.
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I have an Exchange Recovery server setup to do just this.  When a user
loses mail or a mailbox is deleted, we use this server to recover the
mailboxes, export to a PST etc.  We use this server for disaster
recovery but it also comes in handy when doing single mailbox restore.
If you have the extra hardware I would suggest doing this for future
issues.  You have to set the server up exactly like your production
server but in it's own forest.

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