Re: STORE.EXE Memory Usage

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Only problem Fred is that Luiz is running Exchange 2000 - no performance
optimiser available.
I would suggest that there is something else causing the machine to
freeze or faulty memory. 1Gb RAM should be adequate for an SBS2000 box
for up to 10 users.
I would recommend that the RAM be replaced.
Also does it freeze if you are not running Ex2000? (turn it off)
Also visit 
Hope that you're not running WinXP Pro workstations :)

Stephen Hartley

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I suggest you do both of the following:

1.  Add more physical memory to the box and assure that your pagefile is
2.  Run Performance Optimizer for Exchange 5.5

The addition of physical memory in and of itself should be helpful,
especially if there is a cache-size issue resulting in memory
Secondly, running Performance Optimizer will assist you in ascertaining
optimal data cache sizing for your system.  Note that within the
Optimizer itself there is a provision for limiting memory usage, but I
not recommend using that.  Instead, provide a sufficient amount of
memory and run the optimizer to tailor data cache sizes.  This should
up performance appropriately.  Hopefully there is no other cause for the
thrashing/freezing you are experiencing.

Fred M Orcutt
Enterprise Technology, Inc.
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   I am sorry, it is my fist post, I browse the archives but I wasn't
to find a solution. Some how in my case the STORE.EXE is not releasing
memory, it freezes the server after taking all memory and a swap on

  I am rebooting the server two a three times a day; so far I review all
steps on the installation I made to make sure it is done accordingly.

  I still need some help if some knows anything about it!


  Luiz Couto

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