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  • Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 22:38:35 -0400

Relay errors are typically due to authentication problems. Make sure your outside computers are authenticating on the SMTP server not just the POP3. Its in the server settings in Outlook "my outgoing server requires authentication". Also I had to forward ports 110 113 25 and 80 to have my exchange services work correctly.

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Can someone PLEASE!!!! help me with this error????? This is Ex2k on my home network. I can send mail internally and to the outside without any problems. I'm unable to recieve any mail from the outside from any of my accounts.

.net 007: This e-mail message was undeliverable due to the
following reason:

.net 018: Each of the following recipients were rejected by a
destination mail system.

Note: The reasons given by the destination mail system are included
to help you determine why each recipient was rejected.

Attempt to resend, or contact the recipient by alternate means to let
them know about the issue.

    Recipient: <marvc@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Reason:    5.7.1 Unable to relay for marvc@xxxxxxxxxx

I've published the mail server via port 25 on my router, the IP address of
the Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties is set to the internal ip of the
server with logging enabled.
Connection Control is set to "Only the list below" and includes the IP
address of the internal DNS server for the domain.
Relay is set to "Only the list below" and includes the IP address of the
internal DNS server for the domain. Do I need to add the ip address of the
internal email server also?
I'm currently using the Default Recipients Policy which has the SMTP & X400 types already configured. Should I create a new recipient

Any help on this is appreciated.

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