[ExchangeList] Re: SSL Cert Exch 03

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 17:34:43 +0530

You have three options here.

1.       Use another third party CA like VeriSign and get a new certificate
with your domain names. Normally these CA certificates are shipped with
Windows. So, you won't have to install your new certificate on every
computer or device.

2.       Use your own CA and get a certificate with correct domain names on

3.       Create a self-signed certificate with appropriate domain names in
it. - in this case you will have to use a GPO to push this new certificate
in trusted root CAs store on each computer or have to manually install it.


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Dear All,


I have SSL cert handled by third party and now expired. I'm not able to
contact this 3rd party for renewal. My plan is go get new SLL cert or use
self signed. Should I recreate for public hostname for SSL host? Can it use
other domain name? Is there any consideration for self signed?





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