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My org uses Mailman ( in
conjunction with Postfix. It can determine bad addresses by a configurable
number of bounces and disable or remove them from the list. Why re-invent
the wheel by forcing Exchange to do something it's not meant for?

That said, you could probably write a script that would parse the headers of
the messages in badmail and tally the results to a database or spreadsheet.
But then again, you said "easy" didn't you? 


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When you have a new question, please start a new thread/email with the
appropriate subject line; do not start a new question by replying to
an existing thread/topic/subject.

Please fix your SPAM filter as well;  "[SPAM: Type H]  Email found in
subject" is being added by your email system.

Now to answer your question, in my opinion Exchange was not designed
to be a mailing listserv MTA (Mail Transfer Agent a.k.a SMTP mail
server), therefore I would recommend setting up a Pentium (whatever,
at least 200Mhz) with at least 128MB of RAM and read some of the
documentation at, then install it.

Here is some more great info:

You can email me off list if you decide to go with my recommendation.

Thank you,


On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 13:27:19 -0400, Amy Kohler <akohler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I work for a company that sends mass emails to external customers. Badmail
fills up quite quickly and I would like to just run the deletescript every
day. The department that sends these emails wants to know if we can parse
the badmail folder so they can find out which email addresses are bad so
they won't send them out anymore. Does anyone know of an easy way to do
> thanks
> Amy

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