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> Unfortunately it only does a global white/black list and you 
> will not be able to use the Baysian filtering if there is no 
> outgoing mail through it. In the case I am looking at there 
> would be no outgoing mail going through the SPAM front-end.

It isn't Windows based but CanIT PRO  will do what you need.

You can set up streams by domain or by user.
It supports all the current antispam technologies

DNS block lists
Razor, Pyzor, and DCC
Bayesian filtering
Custom tests to various characteristics both in the raw form or decoded
Clam antivirus included

And you can have it do an LDAP lookup against your Exchange box to validate
email addresses, this has been a life saver for me as the lastest rash of
both spam and viruses like to forge invlid users for the domain. 

John Mason

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