RE: S.O.S. Upgrade to RTM

  • From: "Roch Moreau" <rmoreau@xxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 11:13:29 -0600

Thank you Al for your time,

Yes it is about "the version Enterprise Microsoft Exchange 2000" in bêta
mode. I buyed an enterprise RTM licence and CD media for this Educational

Actually, we don't have Windows 2003 server and we don't want to deploy
this version for a while if it's possible because we do not deploy a too
recent version taking into account our limited technical resources.

To return to the version of the media, when I start the setup, i have the
choice between standard or enterprise version, therefore CD offers the
possibility of the two versions to us. But, the only difference i see, is
the service pack is not include in this cd. So when we installed the demo
version we updated to Exchange sp3.

Aso, when i reinstall from the Control panel, all the files are copied
from the cd to the hard disk and the setup 'said' : "You must reinstall
all service pack because..."

This is a really curious and very unpleasant problem.

Thank's again


> Roch, it sounds like you're trying to reinstall a version that is different
> from what you installed in beta.  By that I mean that you are trying to
> install a standard version over an enterprise version of beta (or vice
> versa).  Can you confirm that you have an enterprise beta and are
> reinstalling with an enterprise RTM?  Or other?
> Also, why not use Exchange 2003?  Any particular reason?
> Al
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> Subject: [exchangelist] S.O.S. Upgrade to RTM
> Hello, 
> We installed a version Exchange 2000 Enterprise in beta 
> mode and we wish to migrate it towards RTM version. 
> We have only one Exchange 2000 server.  As described in 
> article 276206, it is enough to reinstall with RTM 
> product.  
> scid=kb;FR;272082 and also 
> us;276206
> Unfortunately the information store shuts down and the 
> following error message is logged in the application 
> event log:
> Event Type: Error
> Event Source: MSExchangeIS
> Event Category: General
> Event ID: 1182
> Description: Thank you for your participation in the 
> Microsoft Exchange Server beta program. 
> Your license to use this beta version of the Microsoft 
> Exchange Server software has expired. 
> Contact Microsoft Corporation. 
> Moreover, after the reinstallation, the Exchange 2000 
> Setup log file display  : 
> [ 14:25:24 ] Information of configuration of the program 
> of installation:  
> [ 14:25:24 ] It is about the version Enterprise de 
> Microsoft Exchange 2000 
> [ 14:25:24 ] This is a copy of evaluation of Microsoft 
> Exchange 2000;  it expires in 120 days.
> When we try to install or reinstall directly from CD 
> Exchange RTM, a message indicates to 
> us that we cannot install starting from a version 
> different such as described also the newspaper 
> from installation:  
> [ 15:08:04 ]  Prerequisites for Services Collaboration 
> and Transport Microsoft Exchange failed:  
> The component "Services Collaboration and Transport 
> Microsoft Exchange" cannot be seen assigned 
> the action "To reinstall" bus:  - You must use the same 
> edition of the program of installation of 
> Microsoft Exchange 2000 (Enterprise or Server) that that 
> of the product installed.
> us;297057 
> In the register key we have '52983-....': that's reveal 
> we have a Exchange 2000 Enterprise Edition - Non-eval - 
> French istallation.
> I hope we should make something else than reinstall the 
> Exchange server on a clean server with 
> all the complications that implies...  
> Roch Moreau. 
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