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  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 15:20:17 -0400

Didn't get any replies here, but I found the solution..  If any of you
are interested, the Attribute Name in AD that controls the 'Mobile'
settings in AD is named 'MsExchOmaAdminWirelessEnable'.    After finding
this, a quick google lead me to this KB Article that describes how to
set all user settings (including new user accounts) to disable the
Mobile features.




Keep in mind, the article sets the default value of 0 to 7 to disable
all mobile permissions.  I am setting the value to 5 so that OMA still
works but user inititiated sync and UptoDate Notifications are disabled
by default.

Hope this helps those of you out there that are also worried about
mobile security on your network!





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Okay all - I want to control who can and can not establish ActiveSync
connections with Exchange 2003.

In AD, when creating new user accounts, the 'User Initiated
Synchronization' is set to 'Enabled'.  I would like to have this set to
'DISABLED' instead for all current and newly created accounts.

I know that I can disable this feature after creating the account
through 'Exchange Tasks', but I want it to default to Disabled.


Without having to use Group Policy or relying on Admins to copy a
template user account, is there a way to modify AD to default the 'User
Initiated Synchronization' and 'Up-To-Date Notifications' to DISABLED?


FYI - This is so I can have granular control over what users are able to
use the ActiveSync features of Exchange 2003.


Thanks for ANY help on this!



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