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  • From: Frédéric Giroux <fgiroux@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:10:26 -0500

There are no such rules configured. However, I have SMTP connectors but it does 
not apply only the the domains with SMTP connectors. It seems to happen only 
when there are many domains that can not be reached for some reasons.


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Rules can be set via Outlook to delay send.
Is it all messages to all domains or just one user's traffic?
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If you force the connection does it send? Verify that you can telnet to the 
remote domain's SMTP server. I'm not aware of any initial delay before sending, 
only retry intervals, but again this is only occuring for one domain and not 
globally. Also try enabling your SMTP logging, wait for the queue to clear, 
than send a test message to the domain, then check your SMTP logs to verify if 
an initial connection attempt is being made. 


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-------------------------------------------------------Hi All!

I am having a problem with my SMTP outbound queue on Exchange 2003.

Outgoing messages remain in the "ready" state for sometimes up to an hour 
before being sent in batch for that domain. Messages accumulates before there 
is even an attempt to connect to the remote SMTP server.

Is there a timer before the first attempt?

Thanks for any insight.

Fred :-)

Frederic Giroux, technical director
Niveau3 inc.
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