SMTP <> X400 Addressing Error -- IMCEAEX

  • From: Jaimie.Livingston@xxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 10:43:06 -0400

Has anyone here seen addressing problems where an invalid X400 address is
used as the reply to address rather than the SMTP address for the user, as
illustrated in the From field below. If so, is there a fix or configuration
change that will make this problem go away?

From: John Smith
Sent: vrijdag 6 juni 2003 12:59
To: Janine van Brun
Subject: RE: BV Office e-mail

I've been searching the M$ KB for something that describes this problem, and
have found:;en-us;269576;en-us;269576;en-us;193782

In each case, the M$ solution is to apply the latest SP and all these issues
were supposedly resolved with SP4 or earlier. I have verified all servers
have had SP4 applies, yet the problem persists. Any help will be

Some background:

- This is an Exchange 5.5 sp 4 installation running on Window NT 4 Server.

- The sender (John Smith) listed in the From address is an English speaking
US based user working in Organization A (HAHT). Client (Outlook 2002) and OS
(WinXP Pro) were installed using US EN installers.

- The recipient (Janine van Brun) is a French speaking UK based user in
Organization B (HAHTMAIL). Client (Outlook 2002) and OS (Win 2K Pro) were
installed using International FR installers.

- Organization A (HAHT) is connected to Organization B (HAHTMAIL) using X400
connectors over a TCP transport stack. 

- Org A (HAHT) has one site (RALEIGH) with one server (RALEIGHX). 

- Org B (HAHTMAIL) has two sites (USA and LON) with 1 server each (USAEXCH
and LONEXCH). 

- RALEIGHX has two X400 connectors, one (RAL_to_USA) pointing to USAEXCH and
one (RAL_to_LON) to LONEXCH .

- USAEXCH has one X400 connector (USA_to_RAL) to RALEIGHX and a site
connector (LON) to LONEXCH.

- LONEXCH has one X400 connector (LON_to_RAL) to RALEIGHX and a site
connector (USA) to USAEXCH.

- All X400 connectors use IP addresses for the stack address

- The To address for Janine is an Exchange mailbox in the Org A (HAHT) GAL
configured to forward messages to an alternate recipient on the Delivery
Options tab. The alternate recipient is an X400 Custom Recipient that points
to Janine's Exchange mailbox in Org B (HAHTMAIL).

- One-off address templates for English/Britain, English/USA, French, and
Nederlands/NLD have been imported on all servers.

- Input Locales for English (USA), English (United Kingdom), French
(Standard), and Dutch (Standard) have been installed in the Regional
Settings control panel.

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