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MessageHi Thomas,

Thanks for the lead.  There really wasn't anything very relevant arising from a 
straight forward search for "SMTP Relay" (with or without quotes), however, 
following a long rabbit trail of links that started in a tangentially relevant 
article, I was able to locate a document with very relevant content about a 
third of the way through:

One must add the domains you want to restrict receiving to, to the Domains node 
beneath the virtual SMTP server.  I had been slogging through the properties of 
the service itself, and what is done with the domains is not clear from the UI 
or the help.  Apparently, only the remote domains listed accept incoming mail, 
but if you have no remote domains, it accepts all comers.  Strange design.

Now that I've done this, and allowed anonymous connection, I can receive 
bounces, and I am not an open relay (not strictly -- any mail is accepted by 
the service, but nothing is actually forwarded for delivery unless it's 
addressed to my domain). However, any mails sent outright to my domain bounce 
with an SMTP 5.3.5 config error, which is some kind of loop back problem.  
Anyone have insight into that?  Again, extensive Googling is not getting to the 
heart of this.  I only have one virtual SMTP server, and no connectors to 
Exchange or anything else.


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  Hi Bob,

  Go to and and you'll find some great 
tutorials on SMTP relay.


  Thomas W Shinder
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    I have a W2K box that runs just the SMTP service.  It's used to send out 
emails to a couple thousand subscribers to our reminder service a couple of 
times a month.  These are emails put into the SMTP server's queue by a custom 
application that generates them.  We don't actually use Exchange or anything 
else on this box, it's just a stand-alone unit isolated from our corporate 
network for safety's sake.

    I'm a bit of an email administration virgin, so forgive me if this is a 
naive question ... but if I uncheck the box in the SMTP service that allows 
anonymous logins, so that I'm not an open relay -- then any mail that gets sent 
to that box gets bounced.  How do I allow emails to my own domain in, from all 
comers, without being an open relay?  I want to catch repy-to's and bounces of 
the mails I'm sending.

    The bounce error says, "relay refused" but that wouldn't be a relay, it'd 
be a delivery.

    I've Googled around but can't find anything that addresses my scenario.


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