RE: SMTP Relay Server and Mail Aliases

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> Hi!
> I have front-end and back-end Exchange 2003.
> I do not want that my front-end Exchange has SMTP relay functionality.
> I want to deploy a SMTP relay server in DMZ.
> My problem is:
> This SMTP relay server is not a member of my Exchnage AD 
> domain and does not know about mail aliases in my Exchange 
> domain. I do not want that I open additional ports on 
> firewall which is between my Exchange domain and SMTP mail relay.
> My question is:
> How can I inform that SMTP relay server knows about all mail 
> aliases on my Exchange domain?

What software will your smtp relay server be running?  
I believe that Postfix (on linux) allows for LDAP lookups for aliases,
virtual domains, virtual addresses,etc..  Therefore, you may be able to use
Active Directory's LDAP functionality to provide the mail alias information.

Hop ethat helps,


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