SMTP Queue-E-mail stucks on it

  • From: mmmopo errer <hatem20072008@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 03:00:56 -0700 (PDT)

Dear All,
I have something happen here, which is UPNORMAL.
We were having  workgroup with 25 users, and one WinProxy Box with 2 Nic cards 
on it, and one connected to the LAN, and one connect to the ISP through VSAT 
with Real IP.
No DNS internal at all, all of my users configured with Default gateway of the 
internal IP of WinProxy , and also able to browse internet with WebProxy client 
of WinProxy.
Also, the mail server which is hosted in USA, we were using POP3 on MS-outlook 
behind the WinProxy- i mean in the configuration of outlook, we used to put the 
IP-Address of WinProxy in the POP3 & SMTP of outlook, and we were able to send 
and receive E-mails Normally.
the situation has been changed.
i create local domain with WinServer 2000 Advanced server SP4 with the DNS 
I install Exchange server 2003 Standard edition & POP3 Downloader on it.
My Internal DNS was the Root.
Now i can see something here, which is , i am able to receive any E-mails from 
any domain on exchange server account through the POP3 downloader, while when i 
am trying to send any E-mails from exchange account , all of my E-mails Get 
stuck in the Queue of SMTP Connector and unable to send it to outside.
The configuration of POP3 Downloader it self is to connect to the POPe server 
which is the Internal WinProxy IP-Address with the user name and Password. ( as 
the old configuration ).
The configuration of SMTP Virtual server it self - Not SMTP Connector - is to 
send all of the E-mails to the Smarthost which is the Internal IP-Address of 
The Configuration of SMTP - connector - is to Forward all of the E-mail through 
this connector to this smarthost which is the Internal IP-Address of WinProxy.
we also configure this SMTP Connector to Request ETRN/TURN.
the Exchange server it self is configured with the DNS & Gateway and it working 
Normally with the DNS it self, i mean by using NSLOOKP, i am able to see the 
The DNS it self which is installed on the D/C which has this IP-Address ( is working normally.
the DNS it self is Root.
No any special configuration in the Zone it self like MX .
FOR WinProxy, it has 2 Nic Cards, the first one which is connected to our 
Internal LAN , is configured only with the IP-address internal and with subnet 
mask , and without any Internal DNS or external DNS on it at all, and even 
there is no any DNS suffix .
the second one which is connected to the Satalite is configured with External 
Even if we open the configuration of WinProxy, we will see its include only 
inside it the external DNS which has been given to us from ISP, in order to let 
my users or let the WinProxy do the name resolution without any Problem, that 
is why we are able to browse internet.
Now, i think i have something missed or something issue with the DNS it self, 
because as i understood the Smarthost is like man in the middel and your 
exchange server is send all the e-mails to it and the Smarthost goes and ask 
the Global DNS for where is the MX recorde for this E-mail.
But in my case, who is my Smarthost ? ( i think its the WinProxy).
what i did is :-
i delete the root and configure the  internal DNS to forward all the queries to 
the internal IP-Address of WinProxy . this what i did, and from any client, 
when i run Nslookup , i can see the internet address of any domain and i can 
see the MX recorde of any domain , ( its doing     Non-authoritative answer ) - 
the D/C which has the internal Nic, configured only with IP & DNS which is it 
self, No Gateway, no webProxy Client on the DC. at all.

 when i am trying to see for example the MX recorde of our mail server from 
internal DNS server,  which is ( ) its give me the following 
result :-
> set q=mx
        primary name server =
        responsible mail addr =
        serial  = 42
        refresh = 15 (15 secs)
        retry   = 10 (10 secs)
        expire  = 86400 (1 day)
        default TTL = 3600 (1 hour)
BUT  if i made the same Request from the WinProxy which is connect to the 
internet , i found that it gives me another Result :-
  > set q=mx
Non-authoritative answer:  MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =  MX preference = 20, mail exchanger =       internet address =       internet address =       internet address =       internet address =
is that meaning of some DNS Problem Issues or what ? 
i want the Smarthost which is configured in the exchange to send the E-mails 
i think this is because of the DNS issue, why, when the exchange server has an 
E-mail, its looking first if its inside his orgnaization or not, if its not, it 
will see if its configured to send the mail directly or not, if not it will see 
the smarthost which i configured, and in my case its the WinProxy, so the 
winProxy, should be able to receive the mail and forward it to its destination, 
that what we are trying to implement . 
 i am thinking of doing the following :-
1. on the internal NIC of WinProxy, i will add tje internal DNS, in order to 
let the WinProxy Register Him Self in the DNS local, then the DNS it self will 
able to know that this is his Smarthost.
why i am doing like that, because it seems to me that the exchange server cant 
see at all the smarthost, its unable to find it at all , so i think its .
Can any one advice me what is going on , why there is a diffrient between the 
result in nslookup on the internal DNS & External DNS ?
Please Advidce .

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