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Hi Mike,
I've done this many times with ISA Enterprise Edition and integrated
NLB. You save a ton in not have to deal with external load balancers and
you also don't have that additional point of failure.
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        Kinda off topic? But I have to ask:




        Multiple Firewalls (5) on the perimeter

        Single Large pipe to the INET


        We need to load balance SMTP traffic to the Perimeter firewalls
(SMTP is the only concern), if firewall 1 is saturated then go to
firewall 2 and so on. 


        My question is, since I have little experience with load
balancers, anyone have a short list of vendors that they have had good
luck with that provides this type of load balancing? I would imagine
this scenario would be pretty simple. F5 BIG-IP for instance? Or is that
over kill? Just looking to narrow down a search without having to "Drink
the Kool-aid" from vendor contacts...... 


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