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  • Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 14:01:03 -0400


Both users 1 and 2 are registered and have their own mail boxes. 


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On 9/1/05, Andrew English <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The SMTP server here is working in the following ways:
> A. I can send receive email to/from the outside WAN B. I can send 
> receive email to/from anyone on the inside LAN
> However when I telnet locally to the SMTP server and do the following:
> MAIL FROM: username1@xxxxxxxxxx
> (receive the correct response... Sender OK) RCRT TO: 
> username2@xxxxxxxxxx (receive incorrect response.. Only get 
> usersname2@domain as the responses no ..Receiver Okay) Data
> Subject: test
> Test Test
> . (to exit)
> Server reports its being qued
> Quit
> SMTP logs show all the activity I just showed you, however the TEST 
> email never gets to its destination, infact I have yet to receive it 
> at all since yesterday. We also have a Xerox WorkCentre Pro 55 with 
> the email option, and it only works through the SMTP server, it too 
> has the same problem were it sends it out but nothing goes anywhere 
> via the local SMTP server.
> I also wondered if ISA 2004 Server plays any role in this? Even though

> it's kind of odd that I can telnet into the Exchange server from any 
> local machine.

Username1 does not receive an NDR?


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